Friday, 26 July 2013

O Lord protect us from the fury of the Northmen

I wanted some figures with a bit of story behind them to go along with my standard Vikings, so took at look at the fabulous figures over at Gripping Beast and grabbed their VIG11 Save us O Lord set containing a praying monk, a viking axing the monk and carrying a torch, a viking carrying a chest and a viking with a torch and a hapless dog.

These superb figures scald up perfectly amongst the rest, which is no surprise as most of mine are the gripping beast plastics.

The monk in this set then spurred me on to a new idea- a scenario for Saga in which rival war bands compete to kill and enslave as many of the the Lord's flock as they can, all the while trying to show their fighting might in true Viking fashion. The scenario "Bash the Bishop" will be up soon.

So these are the monks that I have gathered so far:
The Gripping Beast CIV1- Monks parading cross
So thats a vicar looking guy, two cowled monks and a monk carrying a holy cross.

The next set was CIV7 - defenders of the faith
This contains a senior monk in a chainmail hauberk, a hooded monk drawing a knife from his robes and two junior monks in fighting poses. Two swords, an axe and three shields are supplied to arm your holy warriors.

The final Gipping Beast set I got was the CIV4-Bishop and attendant

This set was a pair and included the Bishop, his crook, and his attendant who looks particularly shady and greedy, with his hood up and gripping his Bible close.

I also bought some figures from Redoubt Enterprises. I had only recently heard of this company but I am really impressed by what I recieved.

In their RX28 pack, which can be found in the renaissance extras, you receive 9 monks- one of which is a dead casualty. 

These come in a range of poses- one is carrying a cross staff, one is kneeling, one is carrying a candle, one a box etc. the detail is amazing across the lot.

They are slightly larger than the gripping beast monks but are still realistic when ranked up or in a large rabble.

Obviously if you alternate between redoubt and gripping beast you get an unatural crennalated effect...

....but as you can see here they mix well in large groups.

Overall I'm thoroughly impressed with both companies figures and am glad I opted to buy from a range of producers, despite the minor scale difference.

I've got some Perry Miniatures monks coming in the post at the moment so will see how they scale up next.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

I have returned!- Perry Miniatures Medieval Cottage unboxing

After a year of incredible highs and stressful lows I am now a fully fledged primary school teacher!

Thanks to everyone thats checked out my stuff in the mean time, means a lot.

I've been hard at work collecting and building an expanding Saga collection and finally have a bit of time to show some of it off.

So lets get on with it.

Perry Miniatures Medieval Cottage

Easing back in gently I would like to show something that arrived on the doorstep a few days ago from my dear brother over at Famous Gaming and his fancy new site :

Check it out, hes doing custom terrain commissions at the moment and is making some lovely stuff. Tell him Mr Odinson sent you and expect a cheeky discount.

It's the Perry Minaitures 1300-1700 Medieval Cottage set. Yes thats a bit later than the Viking era but take a look, this could represent a Saxon homestead ripe for a ruddy good pillaging as long as you don't get all that caught up on medieval architecture and spend more time doing important things like rolling dice and killing Bretons. 

When i opened it up i was surprised to find something extra that I hadn't known was coming when I placed the order.

You get the building parts as expected: 2 gables, 2 sides, 2 roof parts,a door and an optional smoke hood for 1600 onwards, and even a little shelter for animals/ tools BUT you also receive a wattle fence sprue that is ideal for creating animal pens, makeshift defences or even just plain fencing to break up open expanses of fields.

First thing I did was cut off the sides and gable ends as these would obviously be the main frame of the building. The corners of the building have slight male and female parts which needed filing to join up but this wasn't any major stress. Hopefully you see what i mean here:

But within 2 mins all was sorted and they easily got to this stage:


The roof slots on and glues at the middle nice and easily, with the roof peak being sealed with one long thatched section. 

And in no time at all you reach this stage:

The doors were nice and easy to whack on. Each door has 2 parts- a frame and an actual door.

They glue on the inside of the building- perhaps would have been easier to do before constructing the main body but atleast now they can be hinged and move around during games to show occupation. 

The finished door.

Aaaaand the constructed building, along with some Gripping Beast raiders. And an unfortunate monk.

Awesome set,  nice and affordable, easy to construct and good to scale and suitable for a range of historical eras.

Will definiately be buying more!

Monday, 4 February 2013

Apologies for the delays!

Whoever first said 'if you can do, if you can't teach' I challenge you to try a PGCE.

Apologies for the massive delays in posts, I've been dedicating my time to my course and going from placement to placement. When I'm not teaching I'm planning, or planning to plan.

To be posting in the nearish future:
Saga warband galleries
Saga battle report
Whole army display
Viking town gallery
Pics of the Jorvik Viking festival 2013

I have also managed to join my university's Viking society and began Viking re-enactment so might expect some related posts in the near future!

Hail odin!

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Pegasus Hobby 28mm small stone cottage

Just wanted to share this awesome product that my bro over at Famous Gaming has now got in stock.

Its perfect 28mm scale and ideal for a dark ages houses and hovels.

It comes pre-painted in the box- grab a few of these and the slightly larger one and you're well on your way to having a dark ages town ready for a fierce game of Saga or WAB:shieldwall.

front view

rear view

They're made of resin and seem pretty hard wearing. The paintwork is applied well and from handling doesn't appear to be likley to flake off. I'd add a wash to the straw roof just to bring out some extra detailing but all in all well impressed with these buildings!

Thanks for checking out the post and head over to Famous Gaming to see their range of modelling supplies and scenery!

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Wargames Factory Viking Bondi- unboxing, review and sprue inspection

This review is for the Wargames Factory Viking Bondi set

Inside you get 32 multipart, highly detailed figures. 
I got mine through Famous Gaming , they may still have some in stock I'm not sure.

They glue together easily and look great. The scale is just right & mixes well with other ranges. The detailing is spot on and easy to paint even for someone with two left hands, like me.

I've used this kit before and found it to be great so I got another, lets look inside.

You get 8 of the body sprues and 4 of the characteristics sprues, and they all stack neatly, hurrah!

The torsos and legs come joined in 4 different poses. That doesn't sound a lot seeing as there's 32 of them but with a bit of ingenuity you can arrange them in a rank and you'll never even notice. The torsos come 'unarmoured' in cloth/ leather with great detailing. The heads go on into sockets in the traditional way, allowing for a great range of movement, although a few do require a bit of trimming along the neck to sit well.

There are a tonne of arms to allow you to pose your men however you want, some are even included to be used as archers in action poses. Nice to have that for a change. 

The body+legs and arm sprues are the same between this box and the saxon fyrd box. 
Wargames factory have made it so there are 2 pairs of body/leg/arm sprues- one for unarmoured (the one above) and one for armoured (not in this post).

 The way you distinguish between the armies is by use of their special army sprues, as shown below!

So on this sprue you get all the heads, shields, weapons and special bits you need to make your miniatures into Vikings.  NB: This same sprue comes with armoured and unarmoured Vikings!

You get a mixture of armoured and unarmoured heads, including the factually inaccurate but iconic double horned helmet! Real nice mix of very detailed heads. You also get 8 shields per sprue, so enough to go around the entire set.

In the bottom right of the left hand sprue, just below the shields is a pair of arms to be used to hold a two handed axe. This great feature saves you from so much fiddly glueing, lifesaver. You also get a pair of bows, spears, a horn, some quivers and a selection of weapons. The Viking sprue has 2 big axes and a few more spears whereas the Saxon sprue has a dragon banner.

They don't come with bases but for their price it's no biggie to go and buy bases separately. If buying online I recommend Famous Gaming for cheap renedra bases.

Detailing & sculpting: 8/10- barely any mould lines, good detailing, poses are ok but could be more dynamic and hair could have more texture to it.
Scaling: 9/10- scale well with most other 28mm ranges, could be slighty chunkier but overall good.
Amount of bits: 9/10- loads of bits, spare heads and BOWS which are really appreciated. 28mm plastic bows are golddust.
Ease of construction: 10/10- incredibly easy to build. Having joined legs and torsos was handy.
Value for money: 9/10- the boxes dont cost the earth and for your money you get enough to start a saga warband or have a chunky regiment for wab/ fog

Over all: 45/50 - a mighty fine score!

All in all a nice kit packed with great miniatures and that will give you a few spare parts to add to a bits box when you're done.

To see how they scale up with other manufactures of 28mm dark ages check my other posts!