Tuesday, 16 July 2013

I have returned!- Perry Miniatures Medieval Cottage unboxing

After a year of incredible highs and stressful lows I am now a fully fledged primary school teacher!

Thanks to everyone thats checked out my stuff in the mean time, means a lot.

I've been hard at work collecting and building an expanding Saga collection and finally have a bit of time to show some of it off.

So lets get on with it.

Perry Miniatures Medieval Cottage

Easing back in gently I would like to show something that arrived on the doorstep a few days ago from my dear brother over at Famous Gaming and his fancy new site : www.famousgaming.co.uk

Check it out, hes doing custom terrain commissions at the moment and is making some lovely stuff. Tell him Mr Odinson sent you and expect a cheeky discount.

It's the Perry Minaitures 1300-1700 Medieval Cottage set. Yes thats a bit later than the Viking era but take a look, this could represent a Saxon homestead ripe for a ruddy good pillaging as long as you don't get all that caught up on medieval architecture and spend more time doing important things like rolling dice and killing Bretons. 

When i opened it up i was surprised to find something extra that I hadn't known was coming when I placed the order.

You get the building parts as expected: 2 gables, 2 sides, 2 roof parts,a door and an optional smoke hood for 1600 onwards, and even a little shelter for animals/ tools BUT you also receive a wattle fence sprue that is ideal for creating animal pens, makeshift defences or even just plain fencing to break up open expanses of fields.

First thing I did was cut off the sides and gable ends as these would obviously be the main frame of the building. The corners of the building have slight male and female parts which needed filing to join up but this wasn't any major stress. Hopefully you see what i mean here:

But within 2 mins all was sorted and they easily got to this stage:


The roof slots on and glues at the middle nice and easily, with the roof peak being sealed with one long thatched section. 

And in no time at all you reach this stage:

The doors were nice and easy to whack on. Each door has 2 parts- a frame and an actual door.

They glue on the inside of the building- perhaps would have been easier to do before constructing the main body but atleast now they can be hinged and move around during games to show occupation. 

The finished door.

Aaaaand the constructed building, along with some Gripping Beast raiders. And an unfortunate monk.

Awesome set,  nice and affordable, easy to construct and good to scale and suitable for a range of historical eras.

Will definiately be buying more!


  1. I just found your blog but welcome back.

  2. Nice review. I normally build my own terrain but that kit looks worth investing in.These new fangled plastic kits save a lot of hassle.