Thursday, 26 July 2012

Wargames Factory Viking Bondi- unboxing, review and sprue inspection

This review is for the Wargames Factory Viking Bondi set

Inside you get 32 multipart, highly detailed figures. 
I got mine through Famous Gaming , they may still have some in stock I'm not sure.

They glue together easily and look great. The scale is just right & mixes well with other ranges. The detailing is spot on and easy to paint even for someone with two left hands, like me.

I've used this kit before and found it to be great so I got another, lets look inside.

You get 8 of the body sprues and 4 of the characteristics sprues, and they all stack neatly, hurrah!

The torsos and legs come joined in 4 different poses. That doesn't sound a lot seeing as there's 32 of them but with a bit of ingenuity you can arrange them in a rank and you'll never even notice. The torsos come 'unarmoured' in cloth/ leather with great detailing. The heads go on into sockets in the traditional way, allowing for a great range of movement, although a few do require a bit of trimming along the neck to sit well.

There are a tonne of arms to allow you to pose your men however you want, some are even included to be used as archers in action poses. Nice to have that for a change. 

The body+legs and arm sprues are the same between this box and the saxon fyrd box. 
Wargames factory have made it so there are 2 pairs of body/leg/arm sprues- one for unarmoured (the one above) and one for armoured (not in this post).

 The way you distinguish between the armies is by use of their special army sprues, as shown below!

So on this sprue you get all the heads, shields, weapons and special bits you need to make your miniatures into Vikings.  NB: This same sprue comes with armoured and unarmoured Vikings!

You get a mixture of armoured and unarmoured heads, including the factually inaccurate but iconic double horned helmet! Real nice mix of very detailed heads. You also get 8 shields per sprue, so enough to go around the entire set.

In the bottom right of the left hand sprue, just below the shields is a pair of arms to be used to hold a two handed axe. This great feature saves you from so much fiddly glueing, lifesaver. You also get a pair of bows, spears, a horn, some quivers and a selection of weapons. The Viking sprue has 2 big axes and a few more spears whereas the Saxon sprue has a dragon banner.

They don't come with bases but for their price it's no biggie to go and buy bases separately. If buying online I recommend Famous Gaming for cheap renedra bases.

Detailing & sculpting: 8/10- barely any mould lines, good detailing, poses are ok but could be more dynamic and hair could have more texture to it.
Scaling: 9/10- scale well with most other 28mm ranges, could be slighty chunkier but overall good.
Amount of bits: 9/10- loads of bits, spare heads and BOWS which are really appreciated. 28mm plastic bows are golddust.
Ease of construction: 10/10- incredibly easy to build. Having joined legs and torsos was handy.
Value for money: 9/10- the boxes dont cost the earth and for your money you get enough to start a saga warband or have a chunky regiment for wab/ fog

Over all: 45/50 - a mighty fine score!

All in all a nice kit packed with great miniatures and that will give you a few spare parts to add to a bits box when you're done.

To see how they scale up with other manufactures of 28mm dark ages check my other posts!

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